Gender data 101

Data Collection

What does gender data really mean? What frameworks and tools can help make our development efforts better informed by data and more equitable? Unpack how to best understand, use, and share gender data.

The course is in English.

What will you learn?

  • A foundation knowledge of gender and data
  • Best practices, methodologies, and tools to utilize when working with gender data
  • Actionable steps to employ gender data to create impactful programs

What resources do you need to do it?

You need internet access and a computer. You need to open an online account (with login and passcode) to access the course.

More about this training

The course is designed for gender advisors, data specialists, and other development professionals. It unpacks complex and practical considerations to understand, use, and share gender data with the ultimate goal of impact.

Over 5 weeks, you will see interviews with gender and data experts. The course looks at best practices, methodologies and tools that will help you to limit biases, close gender gaps, and incorporate intersectional thinking in each step of the gender data lifecycle.

Practical activities that reinforce your learning include:

  • a gender data scavenger hunt
  • interactive data processing
  • creating an infographic that illustrates gender data
  • open-source gender data geo-mapping
  • outlines on the impact of gender data

As the course is online, you will need access to the internet. You will also need to create an account, with a login and passcode. Learning is self-paced, and takes about 30 hours to complete. Three to five hours a week is recommended.

Who can I contact for more information?

Contact TechChange at

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Findability of gender datasets

Findability of gender datasets

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Scientific Publication

The promise and challenges of gender data

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