CGIAR GENDER Impact Platform Newsletter, November-December 2022, issue 3

Pakistan: EU humanitarian aid reaches survivors of devastating floods Photo: Abdul Majeed/European Union.

Welcome to the CGIAR GENDER Impact Platform November-December 2022 newsletter.

Climate justice for all: Defending women’s rights, Indigenous rights and the rights of future generations


Pakistan: EU humanitarian aid reaches survivors of devastating floods. Photo: Abdul Majeed/European Union.

In this issue, we share with you latest news from the CGIAR GENDER  Impact Platform as well as updates on gender research from across CGIAR's research portfolio.

We feature highlights from the 27th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (COP27), where the CGIAR GENDER Impact Platform presented insights on how women and girls can transform food systems for climate resilience. We also share an interview with Aditi Mukherji, Director, CGIAR Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Impact Area Platform on what COP27 meant for gender equality, youth and social inclusion.

Looking back at the CGIAR GENDER Science Exchange 2022, we share highlights from select sessions -- including on how communities of practice can accelerate gender research and ideas for how to engage rural youth in food systems.

Updates from across CGIAR include an analysis calling the newly established fund for Loss and Damage “an empty glass waiting to be filled”; the promising potential of targeted video-based extension to boost women’s adoption of key climate-smart technologies; and a myth-busting paper on the 'feminization of agriculture' that digs out kernels of truth.

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