CGIAR GENDER Platform Newsletter, November-December 2021, issue 3

Women farmers in Kenya Photo: C. Schubert/CCAFS.

Welcome to the third and last 2021 issue of the CGIAR GENDER Platform newsletter.

Gender equality in a climate change era

This photo depicts a visit to Western Kenya where researchers discussed changes in the climate and weather with women and men farmers. Photo: C. Schubert/CCAFS.

Gender equality matters for climate change adaptation and mitigation, and achieving it requires addressing both symptoms and underlying causes. One first step is making sure that women’s roles in climate change mitigation and adaptation become more visible. Other insights and recommendations on how to deal with climate change while increasing equality are available in this newsletter.

Highlights also include summaries of key discussions at the recent Cultivating Equality: Advancing Gender Research in Agriculture and Food Systems conference, in which researchers and practitioners from across the globe came together in a virtual dialogue to discuss how to advance the gender research agenda.

More news, evidence, tools and success stories on gender research from across CGIAR are included for your perusal.

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