International Women's Day 2023 newsletter

Photo: Haley Ahlers/Kansas State University. Photo: Haley Ahlers/Kansas State University.

On International Women’s Day 2023, we highlight how digital innovations and agricultural technologies contribute to equitable, inclusive food systems.

Photo: Haley Ahlers/Kansas State University.

This issue includes an op-ed from CGIAR GENDER Impact Platform Director Nicoline de Haan on why cell phones and mobile internet could give rural women access to unprecedented opportunities to improve their incomes, nutrition and health. We also highlight six agricultural technologies that CGIAR researchers have designed to work for women.

Updates from across CGIAR include insights on how human-centered design, capacity building and diversity within digital services and technical roles could help overcome the digital gender divide; how  'edutainment' TV programming has helped reduce gender biases and increased joint decision making in Kenya; how a new digital tool, called Sensemaker, has helped reveal that climate change impacts exacerbate already challenging economic and social disparities in India; and much, much more.

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