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Portraits of successful women entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneur Photo: WorldFish

Some women from the Adarsh Dharamagarh Women Farmers Services Producer Company, incubated by the International Rice Research Institute and Access Livelihoods, participated in the 9-month Women Entrepreneurship Program (WEP). These are the success stories of two of those women.

Fueled by inner passion, Kusadei aims to become a businesswoman

Unhindered by hurdles and unaffected by discouragement from family members, Kusadei started her shop at merely 20 years of age without taking any loan. All she had was the passion to be financially independent. Today, at 24, she is successfully running her own seed and fertilizer business.

Living in Kundamal, a small village in the Dharamgarh District of Kalahandi, she went to school only until Grade 12. In 2017, while working in their fields to help her father, she became interested in good farming techniques and increasing production to improve their income. She started looking for opportunities to expand her knowledge when she came across Adarsh Dharamagarh Women Farmers Services Producer Company Limited where she eventually became a mobilizer.