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Collective action and perseverance pay off for women rice farmers in Madagascar

Farmers in Madagascar. Photo: AfricaRice. Photo: AfricaRice.

Modernization of agriculture requires farmers to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and sustain the profitability of their farming operations.

Higher gains from effective entrepreneurial activities can be achieved and sustained when the engagement is intentionally inclusive and empowering.

Research on gender issues has sought to identify such inclusive models for women and youth that would give them access to productive resources and control over income and assets, and also generate employment opportunities for economic growth and agricultural development.

Studies conducted in several countries in West and East Africa have shown a wide range of best business opportunities for different categories of farmers and processors (age, sex, etc.), such as rice seed production and rice processing as lucrative activities, in which women farmers and processors do not adequately engage, because they do not have the requisite technical and managerial competence.