CGIAR GENDER at Africa Climate Week

Photo: ILRI:Stevie Mann Photo: S.Mann/ILRI

Africa Climate Week (ACW) is an annual event that brings together leaders from governments, businesses, international organizations and civil society to explore ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while adapting to the mounting fallout from the climate crisis. This year, ACW 2023 will take place from September 4-8 in Nairobi, Kenya, hosted by the Government of Kenya.

Side event: Adapting Agrifood Systems and Ensuring Food Security in Africa amidst Climate Change

Date: September 7, 2023
Time: 13.30-14.30HRS 

Venue: Kenyatta International Convention Center

As the impacts of climate change continue to intensify and global shocks upend business as usual, sub-Saharan Africa is feeling the brunt of what has been coined “the perfect storm”: A food, fuel and fertilizer crisis exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, scarring effects from the COVID-19 pandemic, soaring inflation, rising debt and extreme weather events caused by climate change. Agriculture and the millions of farmers who keep the population fed bear the brunt of the loss and damage caused by the impacts of climate change - more than any other productive sector. It is estimated that USD 30 billion were lost in sub-Saharan and North Africa as a result of declines in crop and livestock production in the aftermath of the extreme weather events and disasters.

Disasters take lives, but also devastate rural livelihoods, destroy food, and drive-up hunger. No priority is more pressing than addressing food insecurity to safeguard the calorie and nutrition needs of Africa’s one billion people and protect their human development. Africa is the region with the highest prevalence of hunger, both in terms of percentage and number of people accounting for 20.2 per cent or 278 million with a large proportion concentrating in the Horn of Africa

At the Africa Climate Week, Ban Ki-moon Center for Global Citizens is organizing a side event  with FAO and UNDP.  The session will identify a pathway for what policy, finance and data levers are needed to pivot adaptation for agri-food systems in Africa to ensure food security. The speakers from national governments, research, development partners, youth and farmers’ organizations will identify key finance, policy, innovation and knowledge interventions that will enhance climate resilience and adaptation in agriculture. The CGIAR GENDER Impact Platform Director Nicoline de Haan will be speaking at the event. 


Monika Froehler


Chief Executive Officer Ban Ki-moon Center for Global Citizens

Side event: Strengthening gender integration in climate policy and action in Africa

Date: September 6, 2023

Time: 15.30-16.30HRS

AGNES Africa will organize a side event at the Africa Climate week. The objectives of the event are to: 

  • Raise awareness about the gender dimensions of climate change impacts on vulnerable communities in Africa.
  • Present preliminary outcomes of the gender and climate change vulnerability hotspot mapping, emphasizing the need for in-depth gender analysis in climate risk assessments.
  • Share experiences, best practices and lessons learned from gender-responsive initiatives across Africa. 
  • Facilitate discussions and knowledge exchange on integrating gender considerations into climate change policies, strategies and actions
  • Strengthen partnerships and collaboration among stakeholders to develop gender-responsive solutions and promote gender equality in climate change resilience efforts.