CGIAR GENDER Impact Platform Newsletter, April-June 2024, issue 1

Woman placing fish inside metal smoking kiln Photo: Nathan Ronoh/CGIAR GENDER.

Welcome to the CGIAR GENDER Impact Platform newsletter for April-June 2024.

With science we can empower people, build equality and create opportunities for all

In this issue, we share with you the latest news from the CGIAR GENDER  Impact Platform as well as updates on gender research from across CGIAR's research portfolio.

We feature a story about how Kenya recently evaluated the country’s progress in implementing the UNFCCC Gender Action Plan, recognizing contributions and support from the CGIAR GENDER Impact Platform.

We are also highlighting CGIAR GENDER's contributions to science, capacity, policy and more since 2020, and we have included our most recent EnGendering Data blog post and two recent evidence explainers.

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