Community mobilization measure (CMM)

Workshop with women of the community, Peru Photo: Aguila Guerrero/CIFOR.

The Community Mobilization Measure is a 65-item measure of individual perceptions of community mobilization separated into seven domains. 

Why is the tool important?

Community mobilization approaches (CMAs) have been insufficiently evaluated, primarily due to the absence of measurement tools for community mobilization. The creators of the Community Mobilization Measure (CMM), devised a set of scales to measure mobilization domains hypothesized to operate at the community-level. 

Who is the tool for?

The tool is intended for researchers interested in measuring aspects of community mobilization. 

Country of focus: South Africa

How can I use the tool?

The publication cited below  lists  the components of the CMM in Figure 1. 

When and how was it developed?

A questionnaire was developed and piloted, then revised and administered to 1181 young people (18–35 years old), in a community-based survey in rural South Africa. Item response modeling and exploratory factor analyses were then conducted to assess model fit, dimensionality, reliability, and validity.

Where can I get the tool? Who can I contact?

Lippman, S.A., Neilands, T.B., Leslie, H.H., Maman, S., MacPhail, C., Twine, R., Peacock, D., Kahn, K. and Pettifor, A., 2016. Development, validation, and performance of a scale to measure community mobilization. Social Science & Medicine157, pp.127-137.