Gender in food and nutrition security

A farmer in her plantation Photo: IRRI

This course raises awareness and provides skills and tools to use in developing policy and programs that support gender equity in food and nutrition security.

What will you learn?

  • Concepts and principles of gender equality
  • Gender dimensions of food and nutrition security
  • Producing gender statistics to inform policy and legislation
  • Formulating and implementing gender-responsive food and nutrition security policies
  • Conducting a gender analysis
  • Designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating gender-responsive programs

What resources do you need to do it?

You need a Windows PC to download the training package. It does not require extra software. You can also download the course in PDF format. To download either, you need an account with FAO elearning Academy.

The course is not available online.

More about this training

This course takes 14 hours to complete. It consists of 14 lessons of between 10 and 80 minutes in length. Lessons are grouped into three units.

It is only available offline (by downloading course documents). The course web page has instructions on how to download the course.

The course is aimed at people who want to conduct gender analysis, and collect relevant data to design, implement, monitor and evaluate gender-responsive policies and programs for agriculture, and food and nutrition security. This may include policy makers, decision-makers, program managers, project managers, statisticians, and program and monitoring staff.

Who can I contact for more information?

Information about FAO elearning Academy courses are available under the Help and Support menu.

For other questions, email the academy at

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Improving food security, nutrition and gender empowerment.
Poster / Presentation

Improving food security, nutrition and gender empowerment.

Nyekanyeka, T. ; Kapalasa, E.; Chipungu, F.; Botha, B.; Abdin, P. 2013. Improving food security, nutrition and gender empowerment. Transforming potato and sweetpotato value chains for food and nutrition security. 9. Triennial Congress of the African Potato Association. Naivasha (Kenya). 30 Jun - 9 Jul 2013.