CGIAR Gender

About Us

Generating Evidence and New Directions for Equitable Results (GENDER) is CGIAR’s new platform designed to put gender equality at the forefront of global agricultural research for development. The Platform will transform the way gender research is done, both within and beyond CGIAR, to kick-start a process of genuine change toward greater gender equality and better lives for smallholder farmers everywhere.

Launched in January 2020, GENDER builds on a wealth of research and learning generated by the previous CGIAR Gender Network and the Collaborative Platform for Gender Research (2011–2019). It encompasses all 15 CGIAR Research Centers, 12 collaborative CGIAR Research Programs and 3 CGIAR system-wide research support Platforms.

GENDER is hosted by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in Nairobi, Kenya.

CGIAR Gender Community

Gender Research Coordinators from each of the CGIAR Centers, Research Programs and Platforms are core members of the Platform, along with the gender scientists and post-doctoral fellows from across the CGIAR system. The Platform also serves external partners, a group that includes national agricultural research and extension systems, university partners, non-government organizations, multilateral institutions and governments with whom CGIAR collaborates.

Want to join our community? Dgroups is a space for people working on gender in and around CGIAR to exchange ideas and resources. Apply here.

Evidence, Methods, Alliances

The Platform’s work is organized around three interdependent and interlinking modules: Evidence, Methods and Alliances. Module 1, Evidence, is focused on delivering new evidence, identifying emerging issues and closing data gaps. It will identify solutions and trajectories to reduce gender inequalities within the dynamics of a changing food system. Module 2, Methods, stimulates critical thinking on gender in agricultural research for development and develops robust methodologies that can support gender equality outcomes. Module 3, Alliances, builds linkages between scientists and engages with external partners to strengthen their gender work and outcomes.


GENDER is hosted by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and is grateful for the support of CGIAR Trust Fund Contributors.