Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index for market inclusion in the value chain (Pro-WEAI+MI)

Fruit and vegetable vendors selling their product to locals, India Photo: Lloyd Vas/Shutterstock.

This survey-based tool monitors and evaluates women's and men's empowerment across the value chain, based on 12 indicators, expanding on the pro-WEAI.

Why is the tool important?

Many development agencies design and implement socially-inclusive agricultural interventions for the various people along agricultural value chains.

Monitoring and evaluating the success of these interventions requires tools that can identify the constraints facing women and men, and track empowerment across multiple stages of the value chain.

This tool expands on the pro-WEAI index.


Who is the tool for?

The tool is intended for researchers, practitioners, and academics.

Countries of focus: Bangladesh, Benin, Malawi and the Philippines


How can I use the tool?

The Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) and abbreviated WEAI (A-WEAI) focuse more on the production dimension of agriculture.

However, the project-level WEAI for market inclusion (pro-WEAI+MI) takes the tool one step further to measure empowerment across the value chain.

The tool includes the core project-level WEAI (pro-WEAI) module plus new indicators to investigate barriers to market access and inclusion for different value chain actors.

It also offers several optional indicators to assess the empowerment environment, including access to reliable sanitation and sexual hostility in the working environment. These additions increase pro-WEAI’s ability to measure and contextualize empowerment and inclusion across value chains.

The new tool was piloted in Bangladesh, the Philippines, Benin, and Malawi.


When and how was it developed?

IFPRI developed this tool in 2020 as an extension to the existing pro-WEAI module.


Where can I get the tool?

Download the PDF tool at IFPRI or directly here [2.4 MB].

Hazel J Malapit

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