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Our evidence explainers are short, accessible summaries of notable gender research fit for fast consumption. Each explainer presents recommendations,  implications and conclusions of use to development practitioners, policy-makers, researchers and others working with gender in food systems. Gaps in evidence, possible weaknesses and new areas to be investigated in future research are also highlighted. 

Explore our growing series of evidence explainers below.

Publication highlights

Scientific Publication

Closing the Gender Gap in Agriculture

Sophia Huyer, 'Closing the Gender Gap in Agriculture', Gender, Technology and Development, vol. 20(2), pp.105-116, Informa UK Limited, 2017
Book / Monograph

Gender and social targeting in plant breeding

A Orr, C M Cox, Y Ru, J Ashby, 'Gender and social targeting in plant breeding', CGIAR Gender and Breeding Initiative Working Paper, International Potato Center (CIP), 2018
Scientific Publication

Women in agriculture: Four myths

Doss, Cheryl; Meinzen-Dick, Ruth Suseela; Quisumbing, Agnes R.; and Theis, Sophie. 2018. Women in agriculture: Four myths. Global Food Security 16(March 2018): 69-74. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gfs.2017.10.001